On Monday, July 8, 2019, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Sarajevo hosted the workshop entitled University Peace Hubs- Collaborative Research Project on Pedagogies for Peacebuilding in Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda and United Kingdom. The coordinators for each university discussed the role of the Peace Hubs Project for each of their university contexts. The students presented the posters as a part of the student research component of the overall collaborative project in peace pedagogies in higher education, which focused on the role of visual images in discussing the possibilities for overcoming the divisiveness in conflict-affected communities. Associates and colleagues from the University of Sarajevo discussed the role of peace pedagogy in higher education and they presented their experiences from the classroom. The last session in the workshop focused on the community members and their experiences in collaborative projects with the higher education institutions. This session created the space for dialogue in connection to the possibilities for starting the Peace Hub Sarajevo at the Faculty of Philosophy.