Founder & Chair

Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić has been actively involved in peaceful upbringing, community youth development programs based on psycho-social support for war traumatized children, the philosophy of peace and nonviolence, and intercultural pedagogy for the past 25 years. She holds a master’s degree in International Development and Education from Cornell University, USA, where she focused her research on the role of peace education and nonviolence in the post-war healing and recovery through the youth development programs. She earned her Ph.D. in English Language Pedagogy and Intercultural Education from Sarajevo University. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of English of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, where she teaches various subjects within the field of teacher education, critical pedagogy, peace and intercultural pedagogies in foreign language and culture didactics.

Coordinating Team Members

Lejla Mulalić is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. Her research focuses on the contemporary British novel, in particular the historical novel, and finding of new engaging ways of teaching British history and culture. Bringing together her interest in literature and history, she uses resources such as fiction, poetry, historical documentaries, (historical) feature films, images, history text books and newspaper articles to encourage her students to think deeply and critically about issues of our multiple identities and the dangers of prejudice and stereotypes. She remains fascinated by the use and abuse of history in our everyday lives. In the past few years she has participated in various workshops, conferences and webinars dealing with the challenge of teaching in divided societies tortured by a violent past and hopes to contribute to peace-building and reconciliation both within her classroom and within the broader community.

Emina Dedić Bukvić is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo. Her research interests are education of teachers and pedagogues, professional development of teachers and pedagogues, education policy in the region and further abroad, intercultural education. She is focused on pedagogical and didactic training in the study program within the schools of teaching and teacher education. In this area she is particularly interested in teaching intercultural education, peace education and nonviolence in micro pedagogical relations. She believes that by strengthening students’ skills for teaching intercultural education we will provide opportunities for citizens of the world. classroom and within the broader community.

Melisa Forić Plasto, was born in Sarajevo in 1980. She works as a teaching assistant at the History Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. Since 2003 she has been a member of BiH History Teachers’ Association EUROCLIO HIP BIH, and currently holds the position of the Association’s President. She has authored and co-authored several history textbooks for elementary and secondary schools and also co-authored several additional teaching materials. She actively participated in several international projects dedicated to history education, culture of remembrance, and peace education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Her research interests focus on teaching methods in approaching history teaching and history teacher education, contemporary history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, culture of memory, educational policy, textbooks and peace education.