Fifth Webinar focusing on

‘The Role of University Based Peace Hubs’

part of ‘Peacebuilding Pedagogies’ an international project between Bosnia, Rwanda, Colombia and the UK.

A group of academics from The Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex), The University of the Arts, (London), The University of Rwanda, The University of Sarajevo and Los Andes University (Bogota, Colombia) are involved in an AHRC research project looking at Peacebuilding Pedagogies in Higher Education.  We are working with academics and community colleagues from our different countries and regions to discuss how we might develop a culture of peacebuilding with students. This is the fifth webinar in our series and will focus on how to situate such work within a broader institutional context. The webinar will last for 1.5 hours and include 3 presentations of 15 minutes each from:

Juliet Millican, (project coordinator) on ‘Universities working closely with communities: experiences from a cross disciplinary university-based engagement hub in the UK’

Larisa Kasumagic -Kafedzic, (Sarajevo Peace Hub) on ‘Early ideas and experiences in registering and designing a peace hub for Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina’

Francois Masabo, (University of Rwanda, Kigali) on ‘Early indications of possible roles and functions for a peace hub in Rwanda’.

This will be followed by open discussion and we are keen to hear from all participants about the challenges and opportunities for developing Peace Hubs in different parts of the world adapted to fit different institutional and political contexts.