On the 25th of November, 2021 the Center for Conflict Management of the University of Rwanda organized the research seminar on “Reflections on the Role of University in Peacebuilding, through Peace Education Hub”. The seminar gathered representatives from academia, local community and civil society organizations. The main focus in the discussion was on developing way forward in building peace hub in the Center for Conflict Management. The representatives from the Peace Education Hub of the Faculty of Philosophy shared their experiences of the peace education hub development and the vision of their future endeavors.

The lecturers in the seminar were:

  • Prof. dr. Francois Masabo, University of Rwanda

Context of the seminar on peace pedagogy in higher education through a peace education hub

  • Dr. Juliet Millican, Institute of development studies, University of Sussex, UK

The role of universities in peacebuilding through a peace education hub

  • Prof. dr. Larisa Kasumagić – Kafedžić, Sarajevo University

Peace Education Hub at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo: Our journey and experiences

  • Prof. dr. Lejla Mulalić, Sarajevo University

Teaching about and for peace: An example from teaching practice