As part of the activities planned in 2021 Peace Education Hub (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo) organised a two-hour interactive online workshop Theatre of the Oppressed in Digital Space with Ida Karahasanović-Avdibegović on 28 June 2021. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the partner organisation forumZFD and it brought together participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Switzerland and Rwanda.

Ida Karahasanović-Avdibegović introduced the concept of the Theatre of the Oppressed (ToO) and educational theatre and drama (ETD) through a brief survey of the work of Augusto Boal and Paolo Freire (“Pedagogy of the Oppressed”). In order to demonstrate the possibilities of the ToO, she presented her personal journey as a drama pedagogue as well as her inspiring projects with high school students which created a much-needed space for young people to critically reflect on what it means to be human and how to place themselves and each other in a society worth living in.

In the second part of the workshop the participants took part in several creative activities which engaged both body and mind and enabled the participants to experience the benefits of drama as a role-taking activity that allows its participants to behave differently, to empathize and reconsider a variety of points of view, contexts, and interpersonal relationships. Finally, ideas and activities presented in the workshop will serve as an inspiration to educators, who are not necessarily drama or theatre specialists, by encouraging them to draw on the resources of the Theatre of the Oppressed in teaching and promoting peace.