Peace Education Hub team of educators (Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić, Emina Dedić Bukvić, and Melisa Forić Plasto) from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo started with their first session of teaching on April 21. 2021 as a part of Module on Democratic Culture and Peace Pedagogy in Teacher Education, which is an integral part of a larger project on Preparing Future Teachers in the Western Balkans implemented by The European Wergeland Center Oslo.

The project aims to develop new teacher education modules with a focus on practice-oriented teaching promoting citizenship, democracy and human rights. It is a 3-year regional project that provides support for higher education institutions and universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.
The Module on Democratic Culture and Peace Pedagogy in Teacher Education organized and prepared by the team from Sarajevo engaged a group of 17 students of BA and MA programs from three departments- Department of History, Department of English Language and Literature and Department of Pedagogy. The network of practice schools with 4 mentors from 2 high schools (Druga gimnazija Sarajevo, Maarif High School Sarajevo) will play a significant role in this module, by emphasizing practice- oriented teaching and teaching methods which focus on democracy, human rights and peace values.