As part of the activities in 2021, Peace Education Hub plans to organize several webinars and workshops that will provide us with an opportunity to learn about peace education from new challenging perspectives.

The first PEH activity will be a 2.5-hour workshop Teaching controversial issues on 25 March 2021 in cooperation with forumZFD (BiH) and Professor Judy Pace (USA).

Professor Judy Pace ( teaches at the University of San Francisco and her research has focused on classroom authority and academic engagement, teaching for democratic citizenship, social studies teaching under high-stakes accountability, and preparation of preservice teachers for teaching controversial issues.

Her latest book Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues has been published in 2021 by Rowman & Littlefield.

Dr. Judy Pace

Dr. Judy Pace’s new book is Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues. Her latest study was funded by the Spencer Foundation. Judy is a professor of teacher education and a qualitative researcher. She taught middle school English-language arts and social studies. She earned her doctorate in education at Harvard University, where she worked at Project Zero on teaching for understanding, project-based curriculum and assessment, and school reform. Her research focuses on classroom teaching and its social, cultural, and political dynamics. You can contact her at