Myka Melville

Myka Melville is a rising senior at Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences, studying Government and History, minoring in European Studies and German studies. Her academic and research interests surround the historical, cultural, and political complexities of the European continent and how it impacts policies and institutions. Myka is thrilled to live in Sarajevo and be exposed to Bosnian history, culture, and language. She is excited to branch out and live and work in a new environment, connecting with local communities, educators, and students to contribute and build more dynamic experiences that highlight the significance of peace and coexistence. As she collaborates with the lively scholarly community of faculty and professors at the University of Sarajevo’s Peace Education Hub, Myka is excited to be empowered with the personal and professional skills necessary for conflict resolution, intercultural learning, and communication. 

Fiona Neibart

I am a rising third year at Cornell University pursuing a major in Policy Analysis and Management, with minors in Information Science: Information Ethics, Law, & Policy, Demography, and Law & Society. My professional background includes internship experiences at Genocide Watch, where I conducted research and authored reports on potential genocidal activities in various countries. I also interned at the New York State Office of the Attorney General, conducting research and creating presentations related to grassroots organizations and homicide investigations. Currently, I serve as a Laidlaw Research Scholar where I aim to foster an international network of diverse, passionate and ethical leaders who will reinvest their skills, knowledge and experience to help others succeed. My research interests include international conflict, peace studies, and emerging information policy. For this internship and visit to the University of Sarajevo, I expect to gain valuable hands-on experience in peace education and pedagogy. I look forward to assisting with research, communication, and logistics tasks related to various projects underway at the Peace Education Hub. Additionally, I am eager to contribute to library research, community outreach activities, summer school planning, and workshop assistance in partnership with a local primary school. I am excited to learn about the culture, history, and challenges faced in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to develop a deeper understanding of the work being done in the field of peace education in my few weeks.