Peace Education Hub, Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, won the Goran Bubalo Peace Award for educational institution in 2021. The award is presented annually by the Network for Building Peace. Activists Nihad Suljić, Indira Bajramović and BH Pride March are also the recipients of this year’s Peace Award.

The Network for Building Peace ( ) was established in February 2010 with the aim of contributing towards socio-economic renewal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as increasing the capacity of Bosnian society to cope with conflict and challenges of diversity in a constructive and nonviolent way.  For the past eight years the Peace Award has been given to individuals and educational institutions, thus recognizing their efforts in building peace, promoting and sustaining justice and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.   

Since last year the Peace Award has been named after Goran Bubalo to commemorate his exceptional and selfless contribution as the president of the Network for Building Peace and many years of his volunteering in human rights programs.

The award was presented in Sarajevo, at the International Centre for Children and Youth, on 10 December 2021, the International Day of Human Rights, to acknowledge and support the work of individuals and educational institutions in the field of peacebuilding.