Landing in Sarajevo, I was immediately welcomed to the community built by the American-Bosnian Collaboration (ABC) Project, including my host family. With such immediate support from all project partners, I was able to easily acclimate to my new environment, absorbing Bosnian history, culture and language from every direction, every day. Having also been exposed to the history and non-formal teaching practices of the ABC Project itself, I felt obligated to continue supporting its initiatives from Cornell, in any way possible. I can confidently say that the connections I made in Sarajevo are lifelong and critical to my academic, professional, and personal development as a Cornell student, a Polish-American, and a friend.

ABC Project in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, July 2023.

As part of her research in Sarajevo Aleksandra developed a paper about the development and relevance of the ABC Project by interviewing project members and student teachers.

AWaledziak_ABC Article.pdf