On December 15, 2023, Peace Education Hub of the University of Sarajevo- Faculty of Philosophy, in collaboration with the following organizations- Center for educational initiatives Step by Step, UNFPA, UNESCO and forumZFD, organized the book launch Peace Pedagogies in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Theory and Practice in Formal Education (Kasumagić-Kafedžić, L. & Clarke-Habibi, S., 2023). After the opening addresses made by the editors of the book, Associate Professor Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić and Dr. Sara Clarke-Habibi, professors from the University of Sarajevo- Associate Professor Selma Đuliman, Associate Professor Lejla Mulalić, and Assistant Professor Amina Isanović Hadžiomerović, each gave their unique perspectives on the relevance of the theme of peace pedagogies and its linkage to the professional and scientific endeavors made in the areas of linguistics, literature, history and education. By bringing in their own ideas and reflections through the lens of their professional fields the panel has enabled a rich and thoughtful reflection on the importance of peace education in today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

On December 16, 2023, one-day Symposium on Peace Pedagogies with the panelists and workshop lecturers was organized at Dječija kuća, Grbavica. The program profiled specific topics from the Peace Pedagogies Book including in the themes of: Systemic approaches to peace pedagogies in BiH education (Eleonora Emkić, Bojana Dujković- Blagojević, Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić), Peace pedagogy through teacher practices and identities (Branka Ljubojević, Sara Clarke-Habibi), and Peacebuilding through curriculum and pedagogy (Melisa Plasto- Forić and Ida Avdibegović). International guest speaker from Duke University, Dr. Darla Deardorff offered a workshop on UNESCO methodology of intercultural learning entitled Developing intercultural competences: Story circles.